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What are Your Thoughts


Your Thoughts is an online community engagement portal that is being used by the Town to seek feedback and guidance on various projects and initiatives.

The Town is focused on engaging with our community and we want to capture, and truly listen to what our community's needs and wants to redirect our efforts to where they need to be for our community.

You can use Your Thoughts to view the status of projects, find information and documents relating to those projects, and participate by giving your opinions and feedback on the different tools used.

Current Projects

plastic bag ban

The extent of plastic bag pollution occurring in terrestrial and marine environments has become a serious problem recognised at the international level. There is now a substantial body of evidence, on the impact that plastic is having on the environment.

The information gathered by Clean Up Australia through its annual clean up days, suggests that between 30-50 million plastic bags could be entering the Australian environment as litter every year.

Western Australia was found to have one of the highest levels of plastic pollution in the country, particularly along the Perth coast.

The Western Australian Local Government Association has asked councils whether they would support a state-wide ban on single-use plastic shopping bags.

The purpose of this survey is to establish a position from the community on possible plastic bag bans, so that this may inform a position for Council to adopt.

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Edward millen site

The Edward Millen Site has long been a part of the Victoria Park identity. Built in 1911, the original Edward Millen House and its surrounds has a rich and colourful history providing health services for the Perth community (midwifery, repatriation of soldiers, psychiatric care, a centre for autistic children) and is now a State Heritage listed building.

In 2006, the Town of Victoria Park was gifted the Edward Millen Site from the State Government. The Town has since undertaken maintenance works and hosted a small number of community events on the site. The Town is now looking to find the right use for site while also meeting the many heritage requirements for its much needed restoration.

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