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Warren Bow

Director of Renew Life

Meaning of Life? 

To manage the Town’s assets and services to create the foundation for vibrancy and good quality of life for residents.

Warren Bow was born and raised in Bruce Rock, WA. He attended Curtin University and obtained a Bachelor of Science – Environmental Health before starting his career in Local Government at the City of Melville in 1992 as a trainee. Warren has worked extensively in Local Government across WA, and spent almost five years living and working in the United Kingdom in various roles including as a gardener and building surveyor.

Returning to WA in 2002, Warren moved into management in Local Government and held the positions of Executive Manager at Shire of Merredin and Director at the Town of Narrogin, before securing the role of Executive Manager Park Life at the Town in 2010.  Since 2002, Warren has gained qualifications in Public Works Engineering, Project Management and Building Surveying.  Warren is now studying a post graduate in Business Management at Curtin Business School.

In his spare time Warren enjoys watching sports as well as playing tennis, jogging, swimming, reading and music.


The Renew Life Program area aims to provide leadership on environmental matters through effective waste management, as well as providing design and facility management services, managing the Town’s assets and ensuring streetscapes and parklands remain attractive and safe. The key projects currently being managed by this area are:

  • Lathlain Park Precinct Master Plan
  • National Broad Band Network roll out
  • Underground Power
  • Street Tree Audit
  • Multi Use Sports Facility
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