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Meaning of Life?

You will hear us talk about life a lot in the Town, that is because we put life into everything we do. We are committed to putting life into our community every day.
In 2010 as part of the Town's Plan for the Future and to ensure that we are able to deliver on projects, there was a restructure and the creation of life programs.  Our structure and outlook might be a little unconventional and quirky but so is our Town.



The Future Life Program provides integrated comprehensive direction for the future development of the Town through strategic planning, sustainability and transport planning. The key projects currently being managed by this area are:

  • Town Planning Scheme Review and Local Planning Strategy
  • Activity Centres Strategy
  • Residential Character Study
  • Belmont Park Redevelopment


The Renew Life Program area aims to provide leadership on environmental matters through effective waste management, as well as providing design and facility management services, managing the Town’s assets and ensuring streetscapes and parklands remain attractive and safe. The key projects currently being managed by this area are:

  • Lathlain Park Precinct Master Plan
  • National Broad Band Network roll out
  • Underground Power
  • Street Tree Audit
  • Multi Use Sports Facility


The Community Life Program aims to create a vibrant Town that is a place of social interaction, creativity and vitality, where cultural diversity and harmony are celebrated. We want to connect people to services, resources, information, facilities and experiences that enhance their physical and social well being and provide opportunities for lifelong learning for all sectors of the community. The key projects managed by this area are:

  • Aqualife Centre
  • Leisurelife Centre
  • Victoria Park Library
  • Town Events Calendar
  • Access and Inclusion


The Business Life Program Area supports Council to achieve optimum performance while ensuring the Town provides exemplary support both internally and externally to the people requiring our services through the efficient provision of whole of organisation services to the community. The key projects currently being managed by this area are:

  • Economic Development
  • Revenue Diversification
  • Business Development
  • Customer Service
  • Town Centre Redevelopment


Built Life strives for excellence by facilitating innovative design in the built environment and neighbourhood planning.  We endeavour to enhance our unique character by promoting high quality development and vibrant, liveable streetscapes. Built Life’s core business is processing development applications and subdivision referrals and clearances; assessing development compliance and regulation; policy implementation and review; and enforcing adherence to the Town Planning Scheme.

  • Local Planning Policy Streetscape Review
  • Development along Albany Highway
  • Development of the Causeway Precinct


We become happier when we realise that life is an opportunity rather than an obligation