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Swim School Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Procedure

Currently enrolled students are given priority enrolment for the following term. Please note that it is your responsibility to re enroll. The Swim School does not automatically carry bookings from term to term.

Please see the below for classifications of enrolment types.

Roll Over Enrolments

(same class, day & time)

This is an opportunity for those who will be staying in the same class level and would like to keep the same class, day and time to complete their enrolment. Roll over enrolments are only open for one week. After this time re-enrolments begin and we cannot guarantee your place.

Payment must be made in full by the end of this week to confirm enrolment.

Re Enrolments

(changing class)

This week will be for those wanting to change class, day or time. Priority is always given to customers who attend the centre personally. We do take phone enrolments, however messages will be taken until we have served all customers who attend in person. These phone messages will be placed in order of receipt and will be called back as promptly as possible. Family or friends are welcome to enrol on behalf of the parent so long as full payment is made at the time of the booking.

Please note: enrolments and phone messages will not be accepted before 8.30am.

Sibling Enrolments

(siblings of currently enrolled students)

These enrolments will begin from the Wednesday of re-enrolment week. They are open for siblings of currently enrolled participants, eg. If you already have a child enrolled in swimming lessons and have a new baby or another child who you would like to enrol into classes you can do it at this time.

New Enrolments

A new enrolment is someone who:

  1. Has not attended before.
  2. Was not enrolled in the previous term.
  3. Does not have a sibling enrolled in the previous term.

Every attempt is made to satisfy your lesson requirements, however it may not always be possible to offer you a specific day, time or teacher.

Missed Classes

Unfortunately there are no makeup classes. If you or your child/ren are forced to miss up to 2 lessons throughout the term, for any reason, please contact our Swim School office during the term. We will be happy to offer you an entry pass which entitles 2 adults and 2 children entry into the centre for a swim. This entry pass is valid for two months. Maximum 2 per participant per term.

Remember to contact the Aqualife Centre as soon as possible to inform the staff if you are unable to attend a class.

Refunds and credits are only issued for medical reasons or under extenuating circumstances. Refund and credit request forms are located in the Swim School office. Requests for refunds and credits must be made in writing to the Aqualife Swim School and should include a full explanation and a medical certificate if applicable. All refunds and credits will be valid from the date they have been received in writing by the Aqualife Swim School. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they return the necessary paperwork in a timely fashion. Any refunds or credits that have been backdated will not be accepted.

$22.00 Administration fee will be charged on all Refunds.

Changes to Bookings

All students will be assessed within the first two weeks of term to ensure they are enrolled in the correct level. If a student is required to move to a different class we will contact the parent / guardian to discuss available options. Please note that no class changes will be made after the third week of term.

Minimum Class Numbers

All classes must have a minimum occupancy of 50% in order to operate. If you enrol in a class that does not achieve minimum enrolment you will be offered an alternative class.

Public Holidays

The Aqualife Swim School does not conduct lessons on public holidays. If unsure of these dates please see the Swim School staff.

Entry Cards

Entry card will be issued upon your enrolment with the Aqualife Swim School. This card can be used for the duration of your membership as it will be updated each term. Please present this card to Reception when you arrive for your class. If you require an entry card or have lost your existing card please see Reception or the Swim School office.

Code of Conduct


It is a condition of entry to the Aqualife Centre that all children who are not toilet trained must wear a swimming nappy with something over the top when entering the water (includes play swimming as well as lessons). If they're not wearing a swimming nappy, the parent or guardian will be asked to put one on their child, or purchase one from Reception before entering the water.

Parental Supervision

It is a condition of entry to the Aqualife Centre that all children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian whilst in the centre. Children will not be accepted into lessons if the parent or guardian is absent. Children must be collected by a parent or guardian over the age of 16 at the conclusion of their lesson.

Children under the age of 5 will be issued with a Watch Around Water wristband at Reception when they arrive for their lesson. This band is to be worn at all times whilst they are in the water, including before, during and after their lesson. Children who are in the water before or after their lesson must be accompanied, in the water, by a parent or guardian over the age of 16.

The Watch Around Water policy can be found at Reception.

Illness and Swimming

Please refrain from bringing your child to swimming lessons if your child is suffering from any contagious condition. These include nervous system infections, ear infections, eye infections, gastrointestinal infections, diarrhoea, colds, cold sores, coughs, infectious runny noses (green discharge), open sores, skin infections, rashes or feet infections.

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