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Adults Program

It’s never too late to learn to swim. Swimming is a great low impact exercise that can be done by anyone.
The Adult Swim Classes cater for:

  • People who want to learn to swim
  • People who want to develop their water confidence
  • People who would like to improve their strokes or breathing techniques
  • People who want to build fitness

The following classes are available:

Adult 1 (BEGINNER) – confidence building, overcoming your fears,

This class is for adults with little or no previous swimming experience who would like to learn to swim in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.  Participants will learn their natural buoyancy and how to balance in the water, to submerge completely, float on both their front and back and will then be introduced to a choice of stroke techniques over a short distance.

Adult 2 (INTERMEDIATE) – learning new strokes, learning correct technique, and enhancing enjoyment in the water

Participants will already be able to float on their front and back and be relaxed in the water. Participants can choose to learn freestyle, breaststroke or backstroke and will work towards mastering correct energy efficient technique for 25m (1 lap of the indoor pool).

Participants will learn flexibility and stretching exercises for swimming and how to structure their own practice session. This class is held in the indoor 25m pool at 1.2m depth and introductions to deeper water skills (in 1.4 to 2m depth) are optional in this class.

Adult 3 (ADVANCED) – improving performance, endurance and efficiency

Participants will already be able to swim 50m continuously or 25m of 2 strokes. This program will show you how to gain stroke efficiency and endurance for general fitness or future participation in swimming clubs and events.

Participants may not be able to perform all strokes and can choose to specialise in freestyle (for triathlons and open water swimming) or learn new strokes such as breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly. Participants will learn how to plan a variety of practice sessions and to use various aids to refine specific stroke skills.


HYDRO WOMEN’S GROUP - Lessons take place in an enclosed private area at the Aqualife Centre.

- Women only allowed in the Hydro Pool area
- Qualified female instructor
- Maximum 6 women per class
- Friendly social atmosphere
- Warm, shallow, quiet pool


LADIES ONLY  (beginners) class - Lessons take place in our 25m pool.

LADIES ONLY (intermediate) class - Lessons take place in our 25m and 50m pools.

- Class for Women only in the above pool allocation
- Qualified female instructor
- Maximum 6 women per class
- Friendly social atmosphere

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
Adult 1 5.45pm 5.30pm 5.45pm 5.45pm 12.15pm
Adult 2       5.45pm 12.45pm
Adult 3       6.30pm  
Hydro womens   6.15pm or 7.15pm      
Ladies only beginners   6.15pm      
Ladies only intermediate   7.15pm      





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